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Welcome to the online world of the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee (CIOC).
The CIOC selects, organizes and sends national teams to represent the Cayman Islands to all multi-sport Games; assists the member associations in sport development; and promotes Olympism across the Cayman Islands.
The Cayman Islands Olympic Committee was founded in 1973 and was recognized by the International Olympic Committee in 1976. From the beginning as a fledging association, undertaking but a few tasks, it has now developed to a body representative of 22 member-sports, with significant undertakings at home and abroad.

Latest News

Veracruz 2014
The Cayman Islands Olympic Committee participate in the Veracruz 2014 Central American and Caribbean Games (CAC) in Veracruz, Mexico from November 15th to 30th. The Games are an international ...
The White Party
You're Invited! The Cayman Islands Olympic Fundraising Committee (CIOFC), known for their creative themed Fundraising Events, is hosting "The White Party, Hamptons’ Style", at the newly comple...
Jade wins Best Reporter Award
Jade Webster, Cayman Islands Young Reporter, received the Steve Parry Award for the Best International Olympic Committee Young Reporter at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games. Webster was sele...

Olympic Links

International Olympic Committee - www.olympic.org
Commonwealth Games Federation - www.commonwealthgames.com
Pan American Games - www.odepapaso.org
Central American and Caribbean Games - www.cacso.org
  Island Games Association - www.islandgames.net
World Anti-Doping Agency - www.wada-ama.org
World Olympians Association - www.woaolympians.com
Cayman Islands Olympic Committee

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