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Cayman Islands Olympic Athletes

Summer Olympics London 2012: After another 4 years of hard work, dedication and intense training and competitions, the four athletes from the 2008 Beijing Olympics return, along with one new athlete for another chance to compete against the World’s best and for a chance bring home a medal for Cayman at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

5 of Cayman’s most talented athletes have earned their spot on the world stage:

Brett Fraser
Brett Fraser
(22) Swimming

Cydonie Mothersill
Cydonie Mothersill
(34) Track & Field

Kemar Hyman
Kemar Hyman
(22) Track & Field

Ronald Forbes
Ronald Forbes
(27) Track & Field

Shaune Fraser
Shaune Fraser
(23) Swimming

However, athletes do not get to world class ranking by themselves. Behind the scenes are their coaches, family, friends, training partners, corporate sponsors and a legion of volunteers all working countless hours to ensure that the athletes get the best opportunity to qualify to compete at the Olympics. As the athletes put everything they have on the line, the community in Cayman is behind them, cheering them on.

As the count down to the opening ceremonies on July 28, 2012 fast approaches, athletes continue to prepare themselves for competition. This year promises to be an exciting competition for the Cayman Islands with three athletes competing in Track & Field and two athletes competing in Swimming. Each athlete has experienced major accomplishments and top finishes over the past 4 years of training and competitions, all building towards a personal best finish at the Olympics.


Prior London 2012 Information

{slide=Dow Travers}

Dow TraversDow Travers
DOB – July 8th 1987
Coaches – Jon Meckem and Eugene Bridgewater
Event – Alpine Skiing
Discipline – Giant Slalom
Interests – Rugby, Cricket, Scuba Diving and Water skiing.


Qualifying for the Olympics and coming 67th at the World Championships in Slalom in Val d'isere.


Harrow School in London, Aldro School in  Surrey, Faulkner’s Academy (now Cayman Islands International School) and Cayman Preparatory & High School in the Cayman Islands. He is presently at Brown University in Rhode Island studying geo-biology.

Dow Travers will made a historic leap for the Cayman Islands at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada in February 2010. He qualified in the Giant Slalom through an international ranking system in Antillanca, Chile. Dow chose the giant slalom which is considered the ‘art of skiing’ because it is a combination of all the alpine skiing disciplines.

Born and raised in Grand Cayman, Dow, is the eldest of three talented skiing brothers; Dillon, and Dean. His brothers are the biggest influence on his skiing career as they are always competing with each other.

He went to boarding school in the UK for many years. Family winter vacations were always on the ski slopes of Beaver Creek, Colorado. The boys loved it and recently started skiing in Aspen, which is his favourite place to ski. 

Dow notes “It’s my first Games and very unusual that someone from the Caribbean is going to the Winter Olympics and I hope to do as well as I can do. It’s the beginning of a long run. It’s the first time I’ve been able to focus solely on skiing and the peak of physical ability is 28 so I’ve got six more years and at least one more Olympics in me and once I get out of Brown I can really start focusing. I’m now getting to the point where I can compete at a higher level.”

{slide=Cydonie Mothersill}

Cydonie MothersillCydonie Mothersill
DOB March 19th 1978
Coach is Mark Block
Event 200/100 meters

Cydonie is the Island's top female athlete having won two gold medals at the CAC Athletics Championships in 2003 and 2004 and a Pan Am Games silver medal in the Women's 200M in Santa Domingo in 2003.


Cydonie Mothersill Accomplishments
2001: 3rd at the 8th IAAF World Championship Edmonton, Canada NCAA indoor champion
2003: Pan Am Games silver medalist, Santo Domingo
4h at the World Indoor Championship, Birmingham, ENG
Gold medalist at the CAC Athletics Championships, Grenada. Semi-finalist at the 9th IAAF World Championship, Paris
2004: Semi- finalist at the Athens Olympic Games
6th at the World Athletics Finals, Monaco
Gold medalist at the CAC Athletics Championships in Nassau, Bahamas
2005: 8th at the 10th IAAF World Championship Helsinki, Finland
4th at the World Athletics Finals
2006: 4th at the 18th Commonwealth Games Melbourne, AUS
6th at the World Athletics Finals, Stuttgart, Germany
2007: 8th at the 11th World Championship Osaka, Japan

Competed in her 4th Olympic Games in Beijing, China


Competed in her 5th Olympic Games in London, England.


Cayman Islands Olympic Team, Beijing 2008
After years of hard work in training and competition, four athletes from the Cayman Islands competed at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in Track & Field and Swimming.

Cydonie Mothersill, 30 track & Field

Cydonie trains in Miami and Cayman. This was Cydonie’s fourth Olympic Games and she was never more prepared. For several years, Cydonie had been training for the Olympics, which included a rigorous training and competition schedule.

In early 2008, Cydonie was awarded the bronze medal for the IAAF World Championships in 2001, after medalist Marion Jones was disqualified for admitting to the use of steroids. Although Cydonie was delighted, earning the award several years after the race took away much of the pride and joy of standing next to her competitors receiving the medal in front of her peers and colleagues. So for this year’s Olympics, she was more determined than ever to make her mark.

“I want an Olympic medal not just for myself, but for my family who have supported me all these years and for the country I love so much,” said Cydonie. “And in order to do that - I know I have to push myself like I never have before. I am definitely ready for it.”
Cydonie did not disappoint. She got through all the rounds to make the Olympic final in the 200m event, finishing 8th in the world in 22.68 seconds. This was the first time any Cayman athlete had made an Olympic final.

{slide=Ronald Forbes}

Ronald ForbesRonald Forbes
DOB – April 5th 1985
From North Side, Grand Cayman
Resides and trains in the USA
Coach is Brooks Johnson at the Disney WideWorld of Sports in Orlando, Florida
Event – 110 hurdles


Cayman Islands Olympic Team, Beijing 2008
After years of hard work in training and competition, four athletes from the Cayman Islands competed at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in Track & Field and Swimming.

Ronald Forbes, 23, Track & Field
Ronald is a recent graduate in Liberal Arts from Florida International University and trains in Miami.

Qualifying in mid-June for the 110 hurdles event, this was Ronald’s first Olympic Games. On a daily basis, he continued to fight hard to step up his performance for the Beijing Games. In early July he travelled to Columbia for another competition in an effort to continuously push his time faster.

“Track and field is a lonely sport,” said Forbes. “You have to sacrifice a lot such as spending time with friends and family, going to the beach and a lot of other things in order to achieve something in this sport. But you get out what you put in. People can help you, but the initiative has to come from within you. I am trying not to get caught up in the limelight and concentrate on making as many rounds as possible,” he said.  

In round one Ronald ran a personal best time and set a new national record of 13.59 seconds, advancing him to round 2. In round 2 Ronald was performing well when he hit the last hurdle that slowed him down, denying him a chance in the semi-finals. Ronald will now focus on London 2012.

{slide=Brett Fraser}

Brett FraserBrett Fraser
DOB – August 28th 1989
From George Town, Grand Cayman
Resides and Trains at the University of Florida (UF) in Gainesville, Florida
Coaches are Greg Troy and Anthony Nesty at UF
Event – 100 and 200 backstroke


Cayman Islands Olympic Team, Beijing 2008
After years of hard work in training and competition, four athletes from the Cayman Islands competed at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in Track & Field and Swimming.

Brett Fraser, 18, swimmer

Brett trains at University of Florida (UF), in Gainesville. He is a freshman majoring in Finance.

This was Brett’s first Olympics. As another competitive swimmer and looking so much like his older brother, it is difficult not to think that Brett is following in Shaune’s footsteps. The brothers recently moved into the same apartment and encourage one another to get to bed at a decent hour so they can get up at 5:30 am to be at the pool for 6:00 am.

“My training schedule is very intense,” said Brett. “But my coaches are great at motivating me and I am confident I can make it to the semi-finals and that is what I am aiming towards.”
Like his older brother, Brett had an intense training schedule that included swimming up to two and a half hours a day combined with weight training. He also attended the training camp in the Philippines to prepare for the Beijing Games. Although there are many similarities between the brothers, both Brett and Shaune deny there is any competition between them as they swim in different events.

In fact, seeing what Shaune went through at the Athens Games helped Brett to understand how to stay focussed for Beijing.
He competed in the 200m backstroke and swam a personal best time, setting a new national record in a time of 2:01.17 seconds.

{slide=Shaune Fraser}

Shaune FraserShaune Fraser
DOB – March 29th 1988
From George Town, Grand Cayman
Resides and Trains at the University of Florida (UF) in Gainesville, Florida
Coaches are Greg Troy and Anthony Nesty at UF
Events – 100 & 200 butterfly, 100 & 200 freestyle
Interests – watching most sports especially American football and baseball, listening to hip-hop, dancehall & reggae music.


Shaune Fraser Accomplishments
In the 2004 Athens Olympics he swam the 200m Freestyle event, with a personal best time of 1:53.19.
• Two Pan Am Games: Santo Domingo 03 + Rio ’07  1st Caymanian swimmer to medal: Silver in the 200m freestyle!

• Commonwealth Games (’06 Melbourne) made a semi final and a final (4IM)

• dominated CCCAN ’05 (Santo Domingo) earning 7 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 bronze + 3 records (100m free, 200m free, 200m ‘fly).

• Central American & Caribbean Games Cartagena 2006: Gold in the 200m free, two silvers (100m Free + 200m IM)

• Two Island Games: earned multiple medals, lowered 4 records, still holds two (400 + 1500m freestyle) 

Six CARIFTA Swim Championships, winning multiple medals, breaking a dozen plus records. 

• holds many Cayman records, winner of numerous of Cayman’s open water events

• Four time Florida State Champion + named the 2006 ‘State of Florida Swimmer of the Year’ while at the Bolles School.

•Freshman year at U of Florida, took the SEC Champs by storm in his 1st appearance, earning 3 conference titles and 7 All-SEC honors, multiple NCAA qualifying stamdards.

• at NCAA’s (Nt’l Collegiate Athletic Assoc) Champs: earned 7 All-America honors.   

• Shaune is the son of Jim and Laurice Fraser, brother of Brett and Kyle.


Cayman Islands Olympic Team, Beijing 2008
After years of hard work in training and competition, four athletes from the Cayman Islands competed at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in Track & Field and Swimming.

Shaune Fraser, 20, swimmer

Shaune trains at University of Florida (UF) in Gainesville. He is a sophomore majoring in Finance and Economics.

With multiple wins at national and regional collegiate competitions, Shaune was considered a strong competitor in his events - the 100 and 200 meters freestyle as well as the 100 meter butterfly.

This was Shaune’s second Olympic Games. In the last four years, he had changed coaches and stepped up his performance with a more intense training programme as well as prepared mentally for the rigours of competition. His hard work paid off.

“I am definitely more prepared than the last Games,” said Shaune “Last summer was really good for me. At the Pan Am Games I swam my best times and won the silver medal in the 200 free. I have been training a lot harder this year than last year. I just feel like it is my time and I will see where that takes me.”

To get that last bit of competitive edge, a couple of weeks before the Beijing Games, Shaune and his coaches attended a training camp in the Philippines to acclimatise to the weather and time zone for China.
Shaune swam personal bests and set new national records in all his events at the Beijing Games:
100m butterfly – 54.08 seconds,
100m freestyle – 49.56 seconds,
200m freestyle – 1:48.60 seconds.


{slide=Heather Roffey}

Heather RoffeyHeather Roffey
DOB – September 2nd 1986
From George Town, Grand Cayman
Trained at Bolles High School in Jacksonville Florida with Coach Jeff Poppell; Then trained at the University of South Carolina with Coach Donald Gibb
Events – 100 & 200 butterfly, 400 & 800 freestyle
Interests – Going to the beach, hanging out with friends, listening to most types of music especially Hip-hop, dancehall and reggae.


Heather Roffey Accomplishments
• Cayman’s first female Olympic swimming qualifier in 200M Butterfly & 800M Free.

• Competed at World Short Course Championships in Moscow 2002, Commonwealth Games in Manchester 2002, and Pan Am Games 2003.

• Gold medalist in the 200 M butterfly at the CAC Games in El Salvador in 2002.

• Holds Cayman National Records (LCM) for 100/200M Butterfly, 200/400M Individual Medley, and 800M Freestyle.

• Multiple Carifta medalist since second attendance at those games in 1999, holding various Carifta records since then, through 2004.

• Multiple Island Games medalist since second attendance at those games in 2001, holding various Island Games records since then, through 2003.

• Cayman Islands Junior Female Sportsperson of the Year Award recipient in 2000 and in 2003.

• On graduating from St. Ignatius in 2002, Heather was awarded the Paul Howard Memorial Award for Excellence in Sports.

• Heather is the daughter of Alan and Annie Mae Roffey, has two brothers and two sisters: Kathryn, Brian, Sean and Gillian.

{slide=Andrew Mackay}

Andrew MackayAndrew Mackay
DOB – November 1st 1985
From George Town, Grand Cayman
Trained at Notre Dame University with Coach Tim Welsh
Events - 200 & 400 individual medley, 100 & 200 backstroke
Interests – Watching all kinds of sports, being out with friends, reading & video games, listening to classic rock music such as Bon Jovi & Third Eye Blind.


Andrew Mackay Accomplishments
• Cayman’s first Olympic swimming qualifier in the 200M & 400M Individual Medleys.

• Competed at World Short Course Champs in Moscow ’02, was a semi-finalist at Commonwealth Games in Manchester ’02, and a Pan Am Games ’03 finalist.

• Earned 31 medals at CARIFTA Swimming Championships (14G, 11S, 6B) and set 6 records.

• Medaled in 9 Island Games events (4G, 5S), set 3 records

• Won the Cayman Islands Swimming Coach’s Award ’02.

• Founding member of ‘Cayman Loves Children’.