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BUILDING HOPE FOR GOLD 2012 - In late 1991, months prior to the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Betty Baraud, Managing Director of Baraud International and mother of Stefan Baraud, a Caymanian athlete participating in the then upcoming Olympics, formed the Cayman Island Olympic Fundraising Committee.  One of the original members was non other that Mrs. Heidi Harre, the wife of the then Chief Justice, Mr. Harre.  Some of the memorable events held that were held during the initial years were fabulous wine and cheese parties held at the Grand Old House, to well attended Trivia Nights at Dominique’s Restaurant and lunch on board a Norwegian Cruise Liner.  Soon after the committee grew by the addition of Alvaro Dominguez and Mark Novak, with Betty Baraud, the Chairperson, utilizing the majority of her staff from Baraud International to continue in their quest for gold for the Caymanian athletes.  One of the most successful and memorable fundraising events ever held by the Committee was the Gourmet Tour Around the World, which was held for the first time in 1992 at the home of the Chief Justice Mr. Harre and Mrs. Harre’s home.  Fresh tulips from Holland, Foie Gras and Crystal Champagne from France became some of the most sought after items by the elite crowd in attendance.  The event brought in over $75,000, which soon became the minimum bench mark for the Committee.

Over the years, with the exception of 2005 (following Hurricane Ivan in 2004), the Committee hosted events such as the premier of the movie The Perfect Husband, which was attending by all the participating actors. This was followed by an equally huge fundraising event, the raffle of the Porsche Cayman S, one of only two on the island and the most recent being the Gourmet Tour Around the World on the Great Lawn of The Ritz-Carlton.  This event was truly one of a kind, as it carried the theme of an Olympic Opening Ceremony include the March of the Athletes

The CIOFC are tasked strictly with raising funds to provide the CIOC to help cover costs associated with the expenses necessary to support our Olympic hopefuls.  The funds cover such things as clothing, travel, training, etc.  We focus on creating ways to raise funds and after each event, we turn the funds over to the CIOC to help supplement costs not covered by Government or the international Olympic organization.We are very proud to help our athletes, their families, and our government as all the financial support possible is needed to ensure that athletes have the means to attend qualifying events around the world to prepare them for the Olympics without worrying about finances.

Committee Members 2013

Betty Baraud - Chairperson

Mrs. Glenda McTaggart

Mrs. Judy Ebanks

Mrs. Denise Swarbrick

Mrs Laura Anderton

Ms. Lana Cayasso

Mrs. Shadden McLaughlin

Ms. Kelley Verwey

Ms. Charmaine Moss

Ms. Eleanor Baines

Ms. Jacqui Retief

Ms. Madhavi Mathura

Mrs. Sophie Ebanks-Gibbs