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The following groups are member associations of the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee. Contact information provided below reflects the latest official details communicated to us.


Cayman Islands Athletics Association
President - Dalton Watler 

Cayman Islands Badminton Association
President - Wray Banker

Cayman Islands Basketball Association
President - Joel Jefferson

Cayman Islands Bodybuilding Federation
President - T
iger Wilson 

Cayman Islands Boxing Federation
President - Terence Spencer

Annmarie Byrd -

The Cayman Islands Boxing Association is a non-profit organization committed to promoting the sport of boxing within the Country. It is our belief that the sport of boxing fosters the highest level of discipline and dedication, which is particularly advantageous to the youth of the Cayman Islands. We seek to further enhance this through fitness and nutrition in our after-school programme which is led by our Coaches and Cayman Islands National Boxing Team who act as mentors and role models. There is also an evening programme where the sport of boxing and training activities is open to all members of the community. We strive to promote boxing and fitness to children and adults of all ages and sizes in a supportive, fun and informal atmosphere at the D. Dalmain Ebanks boxing gymnasium.


Cayman Islands Cricket Association
President - Courtney Myles


Cayman Islands Cycling Association
President - Craig Merren


CI Cycling is committed to promoting the sport of cycling by fostering a spirit that, through social cycling events, competitive cycling events and cycling based gatherings will enable all our riders to achieve their full potential. That may be just to use cycling to keep fit or compete in international events. We will use our experience to promote cycling within a competitive, constructive, friendly supportive club environment. We will promote road riding etiquette, road safety, road traffic awareness and cycling as a sport for all in the pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle. We will in particular strive to raise the awareness of cycling to the Cayman Islands youth and encourage and assist where we can in helping, coaching and encouraging them. Cycling as a sport promotes discipline, teamwork, physical fitness and dedication.


Cayman Islands Darts Association

President - Paul Anglin

Miriam Rodriguez -


Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation
President - Milly Serpell


The Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation (CIEF) is a non-profit volunteer organization that governs all equestrian activities and related sports in the Cayman Islands. It is through community support that the CIEF is able to continue to move the equestrian community forward and meet the needs of those involved. The Federation aims to educate, organize and support those interested in equestrian activities as well as to encourage fun and good sportsmanship not just among horse owners but the whole community.


Cayman Islands Football Association
President - Jeff Webb 


Cayman Islands Gymnastics Association
President - Toni Pinkerton


Cayman Islands Island Games Association
President - Richard Parchment


Cayman Islands Judo Association
President - Elvis Coward

Claude Miles -


Cayman Islands Karate Association
President - Harold Davies 


Cayman Islands Netball Association
President - Lucille Seymour 


Cayman Islands Rowing Association
President - Douglas Calder



Cayman Rugby Football Union
President - Derek Haines

The Cayman Rugby Football Union (CRFU) was founded in 1974. The CRFU is the governing body of Rugby within the Cayman Islands providing Governance, Administration, Operations & Development programs thoughts it’s executive board and full time employees. The CRFU is a full member of the North American & Caribbean Rugby Association NACRA, the International Rugby Board IRB and the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee CIOC. The head office can be located at the CRFU Grounds in South Sound. The official web page is and the staff can be contacted at or (345)916 7937.  The CRFU provides both contact and non contact rugby programs for all ages, abilities and genders in both the community and school systems.


Cayman Islands Sailing Federation
President - Andrew Moon

John Bodden - |

The Cayman Islands Sailing Club was formally established with Articles of Association and registered as a non-profit organization in 1965, making it the oldest continuously operating sporting organization in the Cayman Islands. In 1976 in Montreal, Canada, Carson Ebanks, Gerry Kirkconnell, and Peter Milburn became the first persons to represent the Cayman Islands at an Olympic Games. Since that time, the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee has sponsored teams to compete in the 1984, 1992, 1996, and 2000 Olympic Games. 


Cayman Islands Shooting Federation
President - Kevin Schirn

The non-profit entity now known as the Cayman Islands Sport Shooting Association began as an “unincorporated entity over thirty years ago” and is currently the first and only sports shooting organization recognized by the Governor of the Cayman Islands. It was originally called, “The Cayman Islands Rifle and Gun Club.” In 1986, its name was changed to, “The Cayman Islands Gun Club” and finally in 2003 to “Cayman Islands Sport Shooting Association.” The current president is Mr. Eddie McLean. The aims and objectives of CISSA are to promote and guide sport and recreational marksmanship locally, including training athletes for the Olympics, Island Games, ISSF1 Skeet competitions, and continue the tradition of waterfowl and upland hunting.


Cayman Islands Confederation and Association of Snow Sports
President - Tony Travers

Donald Mclean -

The Winter Olympic Games are a winter multi-sport event held every four years. They feature winter sports held on snow or ice, such as Alpine skiing, cross- country skiing, ice skating, bob-sledding and ice hockey. The Cayman Islands Confederation and Association of Snow Sports (CICASS) was set up in 2003. CICASS is recognized by the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee (CIOC) and the International Ski Federation (FIS) as the governing body for Snow Sports in the Cayman Islands. The National Federation presently has two athletes competing in Alpine Skiing in the disciplines of Giant Slalom and Super G, representing the Cayman Islands. They are Dow Travers and Dean Travers. These athletes are Caymanian, and are very fortunate to be able to live, study and train overseas in winter sport countries most of the year. There are very few Caribbean countries with participating athletes in winter sports. Dow represented the Cayman Islands at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games and performed admirably. His younger brother Dean was set to represent the Cayman Islands at the Inaugural Innsbruck 2012 Winter Youth Olympic Games but suffered a knee injury just prior to the competition. There are other Caymanian athletes who live and train overseas participating in other winter sport events and disciplines, and it is hoped that they will one day reach the level required to represent the Cayman Islands internationally as well.


Cayman Islands Softball Association
President - Marlon Hodgson

Rex Whittaker -


Cayman Islands Special Olympics Association
President - Maxine Everson 


Suzette Stewart -


Cayman Islands Squash Federation
President - Janet Sairsingh


The Cayman Islands National Squash Rackets Association ("CINSRA") was originally constituted in the late 1980's and was reconstituted as Cayman Island National Squash Association ("CINSA") on 8 January 2007 as an Ordinary Non Profit Company Limited by Guarantee. The national team has been competing against Bermuda, Bahamas and Jamaica in Rosebowl since 1982 and won the overall trophy in 1997, 2001 and 2006. In 1985 Cayman competed in it's first Senior Caribbean Championships ("Senior CASA") in Frreeport Bahamas. Although having never won the overall trophy John MacRury was ranked # 1 in the Caribbean from 1987 - 1993 and the Ladies team won the Caribbean Championships in 1993. The junior national team has been competing in the Junior Caribbean Championships ("Junior CASA") since the mid 80's and boasts several champions including the late Dean Knight, Cathryn Tyler, Phillipa Byles and more recently the reigning under 17 champions Alain Mudeen and Samantha Hennings. In 2006 Chantelle Day and Jeff Broderick competed in the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne and recently a team comprising mainly our top juniors participated in the Guernsey 2007 Games which is a stepping stone for the Island Games. There are 9 courts on the the Island and South Sound Squash Club can rightly be proud of its reputation as being by far the best squash facility in the Caribbean. There is a very active junior programme with close to 100 youngsters participating.......the future of Cayman squash is looking very healthy.


Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association
President - Peter Mackay

Michael Lockwood -

Cayman Swimming is multi-faceted and blessed with some of the best open water swim conditions in the world.  Despite there being just one 25 metre government-owned (built by the Lions)  pool in Grand Cayman, used for everything from learn-to-swim to national team training, Cayman’s swim program produced three qualified competitors for the 2004 Athens Olympics. The Cayman Islands Amateur Swim Assoc (CIASA) is the governing body of swimming in the Cayman Islands.  A member of FINA, CIASA was established in 1986 to promote, develop and oversee the sport of swimming in the Cayman Islands. CIASA supports the national teams, oversees the local clubs, runs a full calendar of open water events, subsidizes the masters coaching, and is working toward building a 50m pool.

Cayman Islands Table Tennis Association
President - Robert Sairsingh 

Five years after a fledgling group of enthusiasts made early steps to organize the association, the Cayman Islands can at long last welcome the Cayman Islands Table Tennis Association (CITTA) as the newest organized sport to have a presence in these fair Islands! 


Cayman Islands Taekwondo Association
President - Steve Graham


Cayman Islands Tennis Federation
President - Jeremy Superfine

David Berry -


Cayman Islands Triathlon Association
President - Trevor Murphy


Cayman Islands Volleyball Federation
President - Noel Williams 



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