Summer Youth Games

The concept of the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) came from Austrian industrial manager Johann Rosenzopf in 1998.This was in response to growing global concerns about childhood obesity and the dropping participation of youth in sport activities, especially amongst youth in developing nations. It was further recognized that a youth version of the Olympic Games would help foster participations in the Olympic Games. International Olympic Committee (IOC) delegates wanted the event to be as much about cultural education and exchange as it was about sports, which is why the Culture and Exchange Programme (CEP) was developed as a component of each celebration of the Games. 

There are several goals for the YOG, and four of them include bringing together the world's best young athletes, offering an introduction into Olympism, innovating in educating and debating Olympic values.

The first edition of these Games were held in Singapore in 2012, the next edition is in Nanjing, China in 2014.  Cayman competed in Singapore and will be sending a team to Nanjing – no medals have been won.

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