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Medical & Anti-Doping


The Cayman Islands Olympic Committee took a giant leap forward by establishing a Medical & Anti-Doping Commission (MADC), a sub-commission of the Olympic Committee to oversee all anti-doping programs and initiatives, in the summer of 2011.

About Medical & Anti-Doping


In 2005, the Cayman Islands, along with 10 other Caribbean islands, agreed to establish a Regional Anti-Doping Organization (RADO). The RADO serves as the central organization coordinating and overseeing the fight against doping in sport in the Caribbean. Currently, 15 countries have joined the RADO and are working toward the education and promotion of clean and fair play in sport. Donald McLean, the President of the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee, also sits as a board member for the RADO and has helped lead Cayman to the forefront of anti-doping programs and initiatives in the Caribbean, including helping to establish the new Medical & Anti-Doping Commission (MADC).

This is not the first time Cayman has demonstrated their commitment to fighting doping in sport. In 2002, the Cayman Islands signed the Copenhagen Declaration, an international anti-doping agreement, demonstrating their commitment to fair and equal participation in sport.  In 2006, the UK also signed the UNESCO agreement on behalf of the Cayman Islands. Subsequently, the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee  secured funding from UNESCO to host their first ever anti-doping workshop in 2011.

“We are taking the necessary steps to uphold our commitment and dedication to fight doping in sport” says Donald McLean. “We hope this commission, and its dedicated members can provide our athletes and citizens with the education and support they need.”

The Medical & Anti-Doping Commission works to oversee all anti-doping education and programs in the Cayman Islands. They work to develop educational programs and initiatives to educate athletes, as well as the public to make healthy life choices.


View the MADC’s 2013 Strategic Plan here:  2013-MADC-Strategic-Plan.pdf

Medical & Anti-Doping Rule



It is the responsibility of every athlete to know what they are putting into their body, what makes them eligible for a drug test, and to cooperate with all anti-doping agencies.

New to sport or unsure of the anti-doping process?  Find Out More…

The prohibited list is forever changing and you must keep yourself informed! The 2014 Prohibited List can be found here: The 2014 Prohibited List


Athlete whereabouts are a crucial step in ensuring that your sport and your competitors stay on a level playing field. YOU, and you alone, are responsible for your whereabouts. You cannot blame your representative, agent, coach, federation or the CIOC for inaccurately filing or forgetting to update your whereabouts.

Whereabouts information is a crucial element in supporting your right to clean sport, Find Out More…

For information on the doping control process and what to expect during a drug test, Click Here.


Are you prescribed a prohibited substance? You must declare all medications that will enable a positive drug test: TUE Form and Information

Doping Control


The Medical and Anti-Doping Commission (MADC) has 4 Doping Control Officers (DCOs) who are fully trained and certified to perform doping control tests during events held locally which require this service.  If you are a National Federation/Association in the Cayman Islands and are an affiliate member of the CIOC, please send your formal request to the MADC to CIOC@candw.ky.

Due to the expenses incurred for purchasing the testing sample kits, shipping them to Cayman and then onto the laboratory in Canada, and other related testing materials, the CIOC Executive Committee has set a fee of CI$100.00/individual test to cover the costs of such testing.  This fee covers all costs, plus a small stipend for the DCOs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions


Get Educated!


The MADC aims to host one workshop a year and have begun making appearances in schools with elite Caymanian athletes to discuss anti-doping.  Keep a look out in the media for updates on the workshops and school visits to be held in 2013. Would you like us to talk at your school?  Let us know!

If you are an athlete, a member of a National Federation and/or representing the Cayman Islands in international competition and would like more information on anti-doping and the doping control process, a MADC member will schedule a demonstration with you and your team; learn about what to expect, ask questions and Play True.

The CIOC has FREE literature in the office on the prohibited and banned substances and they encourage you to get educated – no excuses!  There is WADA App available for all you smart phone users – get it today!

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Basic Anti-Doping Facts

Dangers of Doping

Complete Guide for Athletes

Prohibited List 2013



Visit the Caribbean Regional Anti-Doping Organisation (RADO) website for more useful information for coaches, athletes, health professionals and administrators.



Still have more questions?  Visit WADA’s Digital Library for all of the information you’re looking for.